Nursery rhymes play an important role in early childhood development and education. They support all areas of learning with:

  • Language and communication, songs and rhymes are language learners
  • Singing nursery rhymes can help children to develop emergent literacy skills
  • They provide a fun way to assist with learning early maths
  • Nursery rhymes help children to develop social, physical and emotional skills

World Nursery Rhyme Week is celebrated this year, 18th – 23rd November (2019).  The aim is to learn a rhyme a day.  The following link has 5 nursery rhyme videos you may find useful.

There are many rhymes you can link to craft activities to keep the children engaged for longer, here are a few:

Counting Rhymes such as:

  • 5 Little speckled frogs
  • 5 Current Buns
  • 5 Little Ducks
  • 5 Little Monkeys
  • 10 Green Bottles
  • 10 Fat Sausages

Print and laminate pictures to use during the rhyme or use resources from your setting to act them out.

I’m a little Teapot:

  • Design a teapot using a template
  • Put a teapot together, naming the parts – Use a template and cut into Body, Lid, Spout and Handle pieces for the children to put together.

Mary Mary Quite Contrary

  • Make a tough spot garden
  • Design your own garden with junk modelling

Hickory Dickory Dock

  • Use a learning clock to start learning about time
  • Use circle shapes to make your own clock and sequence numbers

Baa Baa Black sheep

  • Collage activity with bag and sheep shapes and cotton wool/Knitting wool
  • Talk about wool and where it comes from, how we use it.

If you are a creative person you could make your own story stones to go along with your chosen rhyme.  Alternatively, there are many resources available to download colouring sheets, the children could make their own book during the week to take home and share with their families at the end of the week.

I hope this has given you some ideas to introduce more rhyme singing into your setting because,





NB: I have no affiliation with the organisers of World Nursery Rhyme Week.