Happy New Year!

Firstly I want to say Happy New Year and welcome to my blog!

My mission is to Inspire and Support childminders to be the best they can be by:

  • Providing a basic structure of themes and activities for the year that you can build on.
  • Giving you a starting point.
  • Sharing tips and advice from my own experiences.

I am new to this way of communicating with people and it has used ALL of my very little technical knowledge to get this far, but I am enjoying learning all these new things and can’t wait to spend 2019 sharing what I am doing with the little humans in my care day to day!

A little bit about me….. My name is Sue, I am married to Dave and mum of two teenage boys, Dan, 13 & Luke, 17, and have been childminding since August 2004. I love working from home and the flexibility this gives me day to day to look after our home and support my husband with his business.

So, I hope you enjoy what I share, I hope it helps and inspires you and I welcome any feedback or comments you have. Here’s to a happy productive 2019!!


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