International Walk to School Month

October is International Walk to School Month.

Did you know in 2017 35% of children killed on roads were pedestrians.  Last year this rose to over half – 58%

As home based Childminders we have an ideal opportunity to teach our children about road safety during our day to day routines and the best way to learn is to do whether this is through role play, craft activities or getting out and about in our local community.

It isn’t always convenient to walk to school, we have time pressures if we have to be somewhere after the school run or if the weather is fowl and we don’t want soaking children sitting in school but if we can we should, even one day a week.  The benefits are many:

  • Increased health and fitness
  • Increased alertness at school
  • A chance to chat
  • Its better for the environment
  • Save money on fuel!

There are also ways to make this have a positive impact on your setting.  Children have a chance to expend some excess energy.  You could make tracker charts to show when you have waked to school and have certificates for different outcomes, this can link to the EYFS and to themes in your setting such as People Who Help Us, using the crossing with a lollipop person or traffic lights, looking out for street cleaners and Police Community Support Officers.

If you would like to get involved further you could visit campaigning to make the walk to school safer and easier.  You could get together with a small group of childminders and take part or create your own 5 Day Challenge with these FREE resources.

Is your school involved in this event or are you frustrated with the number of cars and unsafe parking at your school?  Living Streets also have resources to help campaign against this if it was something you felt compelled to change.

Autumn is a great time to get outdoors with lots of treasure to find and lots of outdoor learning opportunities follow this link to a Seed Gathering Activity.

Have Fun!



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