Planning for March 2019

Happy March

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Spring is such a lovely time to be a childminder especially when we are treated to amazing weather as we have experienced recently!

What I love the most is there is so much wonder.  So much to explore with children in all development stages.  All the bulbs flowering, buds starting to burst on the trees, our local farm has reopened and baby animals are in our near future!

I have been trying to be more consistent with my planning so sat down to set out March and April on a basic monthly calendar.  Below is March:

In here I write in all notable dates, anything I have planned in the week like groups or activities plus any days off I may have, none for March unfortunately haha!

I then break the month down into weeks on my Weekly EYFS Planner.  I have a lot of part time children on rotas so I make a note of who is in on which days of the week and then fill in the activities for the week in the various areas of learning.  I don’t necessarily aim to fill in each area of learning as some of these become more apparent as the activity progresses on the day.  This weekly plan enables me to

  • See what resources I have and anything I need to get
  • Communicate with parents ahead of time if anything is needed from home (World book day costume)
  • Be more organised and execute the activities more smoothly


Then at the end of every week I complete a planning sheet for the next week so I have the weekend to prepare anything I need to and I can switch off until Monday morning 🙂

This week I am really looking forward to doing pancakes with the children, I also like to celebrate Mardi Gras and we decorate Masquerade Masks

As part of our weekly cooking course which falls on World Book Day we are making Purple Prickle Pancakes.  I will also be making yellow play dough to enable the children to recreate experiences they have had at home and flip to their hearts content!

Friday is International Womens Day, now this is a tricky one for EYFS children I think but thanks to Twinkl I decided we would make cards for the Superwomen/Women who inspire us, in the children’s lives, Mum’s, Nan’s, Teachers, Lollypop lady, Post lady? The options are endless and we can then talk about this to explore the subject further.

And there goes another week in the blink of an eye!

I will post pictures on my facebook and instagram pages as we complete the activities and report how well they went!

Have a fun and productive week 🙂

Sue x

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  1. Great ideas for the week , I also got the older children to draw pictures of the “women “ in their lives too . Thanks for your info x

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