Seed Gathering Season

The Tree Council Seed Gathering season is in full swing.  It runs from 23rd September (Autumn Eqiinox) to 23rd October.

This festival is in it 21st year and welcomes communities and families to get involved in the celebrations.

Now more than ever trees are being recognised in helping to tackle environmental issues.  Collecting seeds from healthy UK trees and growing and planting them can help re-stocking areas with trees of local provenance.  The concept of local provenance suggests that trees that are adopted to the local circumstance are more likely to flourish and help restore and conserve urban, rural spaces.

I think this is a great free activity that children of all ages can get involved in and you can find out more at the Tree Council.

This may not be for everyone though in which case some seeds we can gather are excellent for making tasty treats and teaching children about food available to us locally:

  • Apples – plant the seeds after eating and grow your own apple tree
  • Blackberries – make tarts, pies, cakes, jam
  • Elder Berries – made into cordial
  • Sloes – although this is for an adult tipple the children do like collecting them! 

A few safety notes:

  • Don’t collect by the side of a road, due to danger and tainting by fumes
  • Ensure the children are closely supervised, sloes are not blueberries!
  • Wash everything you collect well especially those collected at child/animal heights!
  • Don’t pick more than you need

There are many other seeds and leaves to be gathered on Autumn walks and these can be used to make displays, collages and paint prints, let your imagination run wild!



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